cat 6, Existing Construction Commercial Project: Shorewood, Milwaukee, WI

Existing Construction Commercial Project: Shorewood, Milwaukee, WI

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32-unit network cabling project including two ubiquiti beams located at rooftop.

BC Neville Tech brings industry-leading knowledge of multi-unit, multi-level commercial properties to each commercial project we take on. This most recent 32-unit building in Shorewood/Milwaukee was no different.

We’ve worked with this owner for several years now, and he reached out to have each unit networked with a category six cable and two additional rooftop locations to accommodate two Ubiquiti beams installed on the rooftop.

BC Neville Tech’s experienced sales, project management, and installation staff worked directly with the building manager and building tenants to efficiently cable each unit and complete category six and fiber punch-down distribution in the lower-level parking garage.

This building is a four-level concrete structure with completed level-to-level concrete boring. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experienced design teams If you own a multi-unit commercial building requiring low-voltage cabling. See the project photos below!

The Power of Category 6 Cable

In today’s digital age, where connectivity is key, having a reliable and fast network is crucial. This is where Category 6 cable, also known as Cat 6 cable, comes into play. Cat 6 cable is a type of twisted pair cable that is designed to support high-speed data transmission and is a reliable and high-performance solution for modern network setups.

Enhanced Speed and Bandwidth

One of the primary advantages of Cat 6 cable is its ability to provide higher data transfer speeds and increased bandwidth. With a maximum frequency of 250 MHz, Cat 6 cable is capable of handling data rates of up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) over short distances. This makes it ideal for applications that require large amounts of data to be transferred quickly, such as video streaming, online gaming, and file sharing. By upgrading to Cat 6 cable, you can enjoy a smoother and more efficient network experience.

Improved Signal Quality and Reduced Interference

Another significant advantage of Cat 6 cable is its improved signal quality and reduced interference. Cat 6 cable is constructed with tighter twists and better insulation compared to its predecessors, such as Cat 5e cable. These enhancements help to minimize crosstalk, which is the interference caused by signals bleeding into adjacent wires. By reducing crosstalk, Cat 6 cable ensures a more reliable and stable connection, resulting in fewer data errors and a higher quality network performance.

Future-Proof Investment

Investing in Cat 6 cable is a future-proof decision for your network infrastructure. While Cat 5e cable may still be sufficient for many current applications, Cat 6 cable provides room for growth and future advancements in technology. By installing Cat 6 cable, you are preparing your network for the increasing demands of tomorrow’s digital world. Whether it’s the emergence of new high-bandwidth applications or the need for faster data speeds, Cat 6 cable will be able to handle the challenges that lie ahead.

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