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Outdoor Audiovisual System Installation: Oak Creek, WI

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Custom Home Theater Audiovisual Installation in Outdoor Living Space: Oak Creek, WI

This week we started and amazing outdoor audiovisual system installation in Oak Creek, WI with two separate dedicated audio zones featuring Proficient 6.5″ all weather outdoor speakers and an LG 65″ Ultra 4K HD flatscreen TV. The LED screen on this TV is crystal clear with vibrant colors, and is perfect for an outdoor application.

The TV will be mounted in the outdoor bar area with a Peerless Full-Motion Articulating Arm, and will be enclosed in an outdoor enclosure, furnished by Apollo Enclosures, allowing the TV to remain outside year round—even during our bitterly cold Wisconsin Winters.

Apollo Enclosures have anti-reflective safety glass, seals your TV against rain, dust and insects, and the temperature controlled air-flow system protects your TV in extreme cold and extreme heat—from -4ºF to 122º F.

The family will be able to control the entire system with their smart phone via Yamaha’s Music Play app.

I always work with my clients to give them the best audio visual system, and equipment, that meets their needs. This family loves spending time outside with friends; by transforming their patio into an outdoor kitchen and living area, they’ve doubled their space for entertaining.

Imagine yourself grilling steaks and burgers, surrounded by all of your friends and family, watching the Packers games while relaxing outside in the cool autumn Wisconsin weather—it would be even be fun to sit outside in your winter gear on a snowy sunny day.

If you’re thinking about adding an audio visual system in your home, or just want to hide your existing cables and boxes, please contact me to set up a free consultation.




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