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Home Theater A/V System: Oak Creek, WI

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Home Theater Integrated With Existing Outdoor A/V System

Thanks to our existing client in Oak Creek, who trusted us to work with him on one of the more elaborate custom outdoor a/v systems we’ve designed and implemented at BC Neville Tech.

We were honored to have earned this client’s trust a few years back when he constructed an ample outdoor living space to design and implement a custom outdoor A/V system. So when he decided to remodel the interior of his home, he reached out to BC Neville Tech’s design staff to create a custom A/V system for his house that would integrate and operate with their existing outdoor A/V system.

We moved the existing equipment for the outdoor a/v system from the basement to the built-in shelving installed in the great room. We also installed the new in-home main equipment system in the built-in shelving, keeping everything together.

Our professional installation staff ran new or extended existing cabling and all the new cabling for the new Great Room home theater. We completed all the necessary HDMI, speaker, and network cabling in the great room to accommodate the new 65″ LG QLED mounted to a Peerless-AV articulating TV mount.

For the sound, we used a passive KEF soundbar mounted directly to the TV that follows the TV’s articulation, delivering a clean look and clear sound. We also matched the sound with 6″ KEF in-wall rear speakers. Finally, to complete this system’s clean, flush look, we installed a Proficient in-wall subwoofer.

At the main equipment, we’re powering the speakers and controlling the system with a Yamaha RXV-A2 smart receiver. The client loves the seamless integration and control of his new in-door system with his existing outdoor system, all through the smart app control. Thank you again, Steve!

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