Milwaukee, WI, Category 6 (CAT6) Network Cabling & Termination, Fiber Optic Cabling & Termination

Milwaukee, WI: 65 Unit Commercial Property

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Category 6 (CAT6) Network Cabling & Termination, Fiber Optic Cabling & Termination

  • Milwaukee, Eastside, North Shore, Downtown
  • Commercial, Multi Unit Property
  • Category 6 Cabling, CAT6 Network Cabling, Fiber Optic Cabling, Everstream Fiberoptic, Everstream Network Cabling, Everstream CAT 6 Cabling, Low Voltage Cabling, Low Voltage Network Cabling, Head End Termination

Thank, you to the folks at Enigma & Eastmore Property Management Groups for selecting BC Neville Tech to be their low voltage partner on this project.

We ran a total of 14,000 feet of Category 6 (CAT6) network cabling within the 65 units in the building.

Low voltage cabling has the capacity to handle the a multitude of vital systems, such as HD video, audio, and Wi-Fi cabling—the bulk of technology infrastructure—which is why its essential for businesses and big jobs like this one.

The job required considerable understanding of architecture and building practices/standards going back to the construction of this nearly 80 year old building.

Substantial concrete drilling & boring was required to complete the quoted project. The professionals at BC Neville Tech called on their industry leading 30 plus years of low voltage and building practice knowledge to deliver an exceptional end result for the client.

Finally, BC Neville Tech’s experienced installation staff neatly organized cabling and terminated to 3-24 Port CAT6 Punchdown Blocks, jumped out with seven-foot Vanco CAT6 patch cords to switches and Everstream Fiber line coming into the building.

The Punchdown Blocks are a cable management bar to keep cables tidy and efficiently organized on the back of the panel clearly numbered and labeled ports to help you identify connections.  


Milwaukee, WI, Commercial Property

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