River Rock Fireplce TV Mount: Mukwonago, WI

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Existing Residential Home: River Rock Fireplace TV Mount

Today’s client found us from the many Fireplace TV mounts we have worked on, and specifically hired us becasue of our experience and expertise working on all types of stone and finishes. When the stone around a fireplace is non-uniform and protrudes from the wall at varying depths, the best installation method is as pictured to create a custom plate which is mounted directly to the stone or grout.

Then the Kanto Heavy Duty Articulating Arm Plate mounts directly to the custom plate. This offers a better quality and better looking installation for all Firplace TV mounts. If you are considering Mounting your TV above your fireplace, call BC Neville Tech first! 

Mounting a Kanto Heavy Duty Articulating Arm to a custom plate on an uneven stone fireplace can be a bit of a challenge, but totally doable with the right approach. Here’s a breakdown of how it can be done, keeping in mind the need for both stability and flexibility due to the uneven surface of the stone:

Assessment: First off, take a good look at your fireplace’s stone surface to identify the flattest area possible where the mount can go. Uneven surfaces require a bit more planning to ensure the mount can be securely attached without risking damage to the stone or the mount itself.

Custom Plate Design: Since we’re talking about a custom plate, this plate acts as an intermediary between the uneven stone surface and the Kanto mount. The design of this plate is crucial. It needs to be large enough to spread the weight of the TV and the mount evenly across the stones, and it should have a flat backside that can be modified or padded to match the contours of the stone as closely as possible. Some people use a flexible material like rubber or felt pads on the back of the plate to help achieve this.

Anchoring Points: For the uneven stone, drilling into the mortar (the space between the stones) is usually the safest bet since it’s less likely to cause damage than drilling directly into the stone. Your custom plate will need holes that align with the chosen mortar spots. It’s super important to use the right anchors for stone – something like sleeve anchors or heavy-duty concrete anchors that can handle both the weight and the outdoor elements if your fireplace is exposed.

Mounting the Plate: With your anchors chosen, drill into the mortar at the marked points. Clean the holes of any debris to ensure a snug fit for the anchors. Attach the custom plate by lining up the drilled holes with the anchors and fastening securely. The goal is to have the plate as flush against the stone as possible, but given the unevenness, there might be some gaps. That’s where your padding or flexible material comes into play, filling in those gaps to prevent wobble and provide additional support.

Attaching the Kanto Mount: Now that your custom plate is securely attached to the fireplace, mounting the Kanto articulating arm should be straightforward. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for attaching the mount to the plate, ensuring that any screws or bolts used are compatible with the material of your custom plate.

Final Adjustments: With the arm attached, make any necessary adjustments to the articulating arm to ensure your TV is level and positioned how you want it. The great thing about articulating arms is their flexibility, so take your time adjusting the angles and swivel for the perfect view.

Remember, when working with heavy items and uneven surfaces, safety is key. Ensure everything is securely fastened, and don’t hesitate to consult or hire a professional if you’re unsure about any step in the process. Getting that blend of aesthetics and functionality just right, especially on a unique feature like a stone fireplace, can really elevate a space.

We can help you through the entire process from selecting the right equipment for your project, to implantation. BC Neville Tech’s staff of experienced professionals are here to help.

Call (262) 844-1535‬ or email bryan@bcnevilletech.com BC Neville Tech for a free quote.  

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