Whole House System Upgrade: Gennessee, WI Residential Existing Home Theater, Network, Whole House System, Update, Upgrade

Whole House System Upgrade: Gennessee, WI

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Residential Existing Home Theater/Network/Whole House System Update/Upgrade

We just wrapped up this project for a new client in Gennessee, WI. Unfortunately, this client has a non-functioning system when we were brought in. BC Neville Tech’s staff came out for a free onsite consultation; where our experienced staff listened to the client’s needs for a home entertainment system, as well as the current aspects of the system which were not working.

BC Neville Tech’s industry leading design staff utilized this information in tandem with our expertise in design, audio visual equipment, sales, and operation to develop a thoughtful system design, intended to meet the operation needs of the client, while sounding and looking as good as it possibly can!

“Do it right the first time,” is our motto around the shop and on projects, both with design and implantation. As a service company we owe it to our client to hold ourselves to the highest standards possible both on the design side and on the implementation or installation side.

At BC Neville Tech, whether a new construction home, an existing home, or a business it makes no difference. As a client you can expect the highest level of design and installation services available in Wisconsin.

This project happened to be an existing residential home theater with a pair of outdoor patio speakers. We were able to fix features which were not functioning properly by updating key components, such as a Yamaha Aventsge RX-A4A smart receiver with MusicCast App control. Allowing for the customer to utilize their existing tv and speaker package to stream music directly from their phones or tablets.

Additionally, we strategically added cat6 network cabling to tv and other equipment locations. To deliver more reliable, higher speed hardwired internet to the client streaming devices. We also upgraded the client old non-functioning Universal Remote Control MX-890 wand style remote and MRF-350 RF base station to deliver complete control of the clients home theater equipment.

Upgrading your home audio-visual system can significantly enhance your entertainment experience, turning your living space into a personal theater, concert hall, or immersive gaming environment. Here are some of the key advantages of making such an upgrade:

Improved Picture Quality: Upgrading to a newer TV or projector can dramatically improve the picture quality of your home cinema. Technologies like 4K, OLED, and HDR offer sharper images, deeper blacks, more vibrant colors, and a better overall viewing experience.

Enhanced Sound Experience: Modern audio systems, such as soundbars, surround sound speakers, and Dolby Atmos setups, provide clearer, more immersive sound. This can make movies, music, and games feel more engaging, as you’re surrounded by high-quality audio that can capture subtle nuances you might have missed before.

Smart Home Integration: Many newer AV systems come with smart technology that allows you to integrate them with other smart home devices. This means you can control your entertainment setup with voice commands, automate certain functions, and even sync your lights and shades to create the perfect ambiance for movie night.

Increased Content Accessibility: Upgrading your AV system often means incorporating devices that can connect to the internet, such as smart TVs or streaming devices. This opens up a world of entertainment options, from streaming platforms and online gaming to accessing content from all over the globe.

Better Gaming Experience: If you’re into gaming, an upgraded AV system can significantly improve your experience. Faster refresh rates, higher resolution displays, and superior sound systems can make gaming more immersive and responsive, enhancing both competitive play and casual gaming sessions.

Energy Efficiency: Newer electronics are often more energy-efficient than older models. Upgrading your system could lead to lower electricity bills, thanks to more efficient power use and features like automatic standby and LED backlighting.

Enhanced Connectivity Options: Modern AV systems offer a variety of connectivity options, including HDMI, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and more. This makes it easier to connect all your devices seamlessly, from smartphones and tablets to gaming consoles and Blu-ray players.

Customization and Personalization: Upgraded systems usually come with a range of settings that allow for greater customization. Whether it’s adjusting the sound profile to match your room’s acoustics or calibrating your TV’s picture to suit your viewing preferences, you can personalize your setup to get the most out of your entertainment.

Future-proofing: Investing in a modern AV system can future-proof your home entertainment setup, ensuring it remains compatible with new technologies and content formats that emerge, reducing the need for further upgrades down the line.

This client was overjoyed with the entire process as and the end result. Please see photos of this and all of our past projects. Do not hesitate to contact BC Neville Tech If you have a residential home technology or smart home project coming up.

Call (262) 844-1535‬ or email bryan@bcnevilletech.com BC Neville Tech for a free quote.  

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