Existing Residential System Update and Exterior Home Theater, Concrete Coring, Waukesha, WI, Wuakesha county,

Exterior Home Theater Concrete Coring: Waukesha, WI

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Existing Residential System Update and Exterior Home Theater

We had the pleasure of updating another new client’s existing Great Room Home Theater as well as completing concrete coring and conduit installation to accommodate an outdoor home theater in the clients pool and outdoor living Space.

Since we were already updating the clients Great Room Home Theater, we added a conduit and professionally bored a concrete hole, which terminated to an exterior rated box. This conduit and exterior box will allow us access next spring to pull all the required cabling to the new outdoor a/v system.

Back to the Great Room Update: the client had an older (about 15 years) Yamaha receiver with no Smart Control, and several other features were not working. In this case the client updated his older Yamaha with a new RX-A2A smart receiver with app control.

Very easily upgrading his old system to a current smart system with smart phone control. The client could not be happier with the updates we made and is looking forward to next spring when we design and install the families nes outdoor entertainment space!

Please take a look at the project photos for another great installation in the books. Make sure you read the clients testimonial!

Outdoor audio-visual systems have a unique charm that can transform any outdoor space into an entertainment haven, blending the joy of being outside with the pleasures of high-quality entertainment. Here’s why they’re so much fun:

Natural Ambiance: There’s something inherently relaxing and enjoyable about being outdoors, whether it’s the warmth of the sun, the cool evening breeze, or the starlit sky. Pairing this natural ambiance with your favorite tunes or movies amplifies the enjoyment, creating a perfect backdrop for relaxation and entertainment.

Social Gatherings: Outdoor AV systems are fantastic for hosting events, be it a backyard movie night, a pool party with music, or watching a big game under the stars with friends and family. They create a focal point for gatherings, encouraging social interaction and shared experiences in a way that indoor systems might not.

Expansive Sound and Visual Experience: Without the confines of walls, sound can fill your outdoor space more freely, creating an immersive listening experience. Similarly, watching a movie on a large outdoor screen under the stars can be a magical experience that feels grander and more special than watching the same movie indoors.

Versatility and Creativity: Outdoor systems allow for a lot of creativity in how and where they’re set up. From hidden rock speakers that blend into your garden to inflatable movie screens that can be set up and taken down easily, the possibilities for customizing your outdoor entertainment space are endless.

Enhances Outdoor Living: Investing in an outdoor AV system encourages more outdoor time, effectively extending your living space. It can make outdoor dining, lounging, or even a nightcap more enjoyable, encouraging you and your family to spend more time in the fresh air.

Fitness and Wellness: Outdoor AV systems can also be used for fitness and wellness activities, such as outdoor yoga sessions with calming music or workout videos in the privacy of your backyard. The combination of being outdoors and engaging in physical activity can be incredibly beneficial for mental and physical health.

Adds Value to Your Home: Beyond the immediate fun and entertainment, having a well-designed outdoor AV system can add value to your home, making it more appealing to potential buyers who envision themselves enjoying the space just as much as you do.

Adaptability to Different Events: Whether it’s a chill-out music session, an intense action movie, or a live sports event, outdoor AV systems can be adapted to suit various types of entertainment, making them versatile additions to any home.

Outdoor audio-visual systems blend the best of both worlds—the pleasure of being outdoors with the entertainment we love. They provide a unique way to enjoy movies, music, sports, and video games, offering an unrivaled atmosphere that indoor environments simply can’t match. This combination of factors makes outdoor AV systems not just fun but an integral part of creating memorable experiences at home.

We are contacted all the time to assist clients with outdoor a/v systems and outdoor home theaters because BC Neville Tech’s unique ability to provide custom metal and wood fabrication of awnings, tv lifts, really any custom enclosure or mounting point a client or landscape architect may need. Check out our blog posts for some of these super fun and challenging past outdoor systems!

Call (262) 844-1535‬ or email bryan@bcnevilletech.com BC Neville Tech for a free quote.  

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