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LEA Pro Amp Installation: Pewaukee, WI

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LEA Professional Amp Installation System Rehab

  • LEA 4420, LEA 2420
  • Yamaha RXA-2080
  • Polk Tower Speakers
  • Polk Dipole
  • Panamax
  • Vanco
  • 4420 4-Channel IQ Amplifiers
  • 2420 2-Channel IQ Amplifier
  • 14-2 HD Speaker Cabling
  • 48G Optical HDMI Cable
  • MusicCast
  • Roku

About four years ago, BC Neville Tech was lucky to be brought into this project. The client had a high-end Sunfire Subwoofer, which was not outputting sound. We attempted to service the subwoofer, but it did not prove cost-effective. So the client opted to replace the Subwoofer and add a second.

BC Neville Tech’s experienced system design staff worked with the client to identify the ideal subwoofers for his system. At this time, the client also decided to upgrade his old Denon Theater receiver with a new Yamaha RXA2080 smart receiver with MusicCast. The client’s major improvements were smart control through Yamaha’s MusicCast smart control app, current generation HDMI, arc capability, and added wattage/amplification.

These upgrades were completed, and the client was extremely happy with the system’s enhanced functionality and controllability. Approximately six months later, the client reached out and said he wanted more power. The power he was seeking for his Polk tower package would be equivalent to a live music space. The only way to achieve the client’s request was to add separate power amps.

Working with BC Neville Tech’s experienced system design team, all separate amplifier options were considered. The final two considerations were Macintosh Amplifiers or LEA Amplifiers. After careful consideration, the client liked the wattage and control features the LEA amplifiers offered.

We went with three separate amps: two 4420 4-Channel IQ Amplifiers and one 2420 2-Channel IQ Amplifier. Before the new amplifiers went in, the client requested that the cabling and equipment (including the new amplifiers) be moved to the basement.

At this time, all speakers and subwoofers were required to use 14-2 HD speaker cabling, and a new 48G Optical HDMI cable was pulled. Using the preamps of the Yamaha RXA-2080 with the power of the LEA separate amplifiers was exactly what the client was looking for.

BC Neville Tech delivered concert-quality volume and clarity at a private home on Pewaukee Lake. If you are looking for high-level audio/visual design and integration at its best, please reach out to BC Neville Tech’s design team. We would be pleased to develop a system your family will truly love!

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