Residential Existing Home Outdoor TV and Sonos Arc on Articulating Arm Mount, New Berlin, WI

Outdoor TV Articulating Arm Mount: New Berlin, WI

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Residential Existing Home Outdoor TV and Sonos Arc on Articulating Arm Mount

Our experience speaks for itself! 

BC Neville Tech is Wisconsin’s foremost outdoor living audio/visual systems leader. We hold a perfect 5-star Google rating and are the highest-rated A/V integrator, with over 20 five-star client reviews. 

BC Neville Tech is your steadfast partner throughout your project, offering a comprehensive range of services. From the initial design to equipment sales and spec, to installation and client system training, we are committed to delivering excellence at every step. Our staff is meticulously trained to adhere to the highest standards in all aspects of our business.  

Our recent client was inspired by the blogs and photos of our past outdoor living audio/visual projects, which led them to reach out to us. We swiftly crafted a design that perfectly catered to their unique project needs, sparking their excitement for the possibilities of their own outdoor living audio/visual system.

Because the elements entirely cover the client’s space, we opted for a top-of-the-line LG TV rather than an outdoor one. Being wholly covered, our client could safely go with a non-outdoor TV and take advantage of its bigger size, better picture quality, and lower cost.

We paired the 77″ LG C3 with a black Sonos Arc soundbar for better-quality TV viewing sound and a local zone for music. The TV and soundbar are mounted on an articulating arm mount, allowing them to move together and offering the ideal sound and viewing from multiple vantage points. BC Neville Tech’s industry-leading installation technicians completed all required cabling per code.

Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space: A Guide by BC Neville Tech

Nothing beats a well-designed outdoor living space when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors from the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to host movie nights under the stars, enjoy music while lounging by the pool, or create a tranquil retreat, integrating audio and visual elements can elevate your backyard to the next level. At BC Neville Tech, we’re passionate about transforming ordinary outdoor areas into extraordinary experiences. Here’s a guide to help you create the ultimate outdoor living space.

Assess Your Space and Plan Accordingly: Before starting the design and installation process, take a good look at your outdoor area. Measure the space, consider its shape, and consider how you want to use it. Are you looking for a cozy spot for family movie nights, a dynamic area for parties, or a peaceful oasis for relaxation? Your needs will determine the layout and type of audio/visual equipment required.

Weatherproofing is Key: Outdoor environments can be harsh on electronic equipment, so choosing weatherproof options is crucial. At BC Neville Tech, we recommend investing in weather-resistant TVs, speakers, and other A/V components designed to withstand rain, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. This ensures longevity and consistent performance regardless of the weather.

Optimal Sound Quality: For an immersive audio experience, consider installing a multi-speaker setup that provides even sound coverage throughout your outdoor space. Strategically place speakers to avoid dead spots and ensure balanced sound distribution. We suggest using in-ground or landscape speakers that blend seamlessly with outdoor decor while delivering top-notch audio quality.

Stunning Visuals: An outdoor TV or projector can transform your backyard into an open-air cinema. Opt for high-brightness displays that combat glare and provide clear visuals even in daylight. If you prefer a projector, pair a model with high-lumen output and a durable, weatherproof screen. At BC Neville Tech, we can help you select and install the perfect visual setup for your needs.

Smart Integration: Enhance convenience by integrating your outdoor A/V system with smart home technology. With a single remote or smartphone app, you can control your audio and visual components, lighting, and even climate settings. Smart integration also allows you to create customized scenes, such as “Movie Night” or “Party Mode,” with just a tap.

Lighting for Ambiance: Proper lighting can set the mood and enhance the overall ambiance of your outdoor living space. Consider using a mix of functional and decorative lighting. String lights, lanterns, and LED path lights add a warm, inviting glow, while spotlights and floodlights ensure safety and visibility. Smart lighting options can also be integrated with your A/V system for synchronized effects.

Comfort and Style: Don’t forget about comfort and aesthetics while selecting durable, weather-resistant furniture that complements your outdoor theme. Add cozy cushions, throws, and outdoor rugs to create a comfortable, stylish environment. Incorporating fire pits, water features, and greenery can enhance the atmosphere and make your space more inviting.

Professional Installation: While DIY projects can be fun, professional installation ensures that your outdoor A/V system is set up correctly and efficiently. At BC Neville Tech, we specialize in designing and installing custom outdoor audio/visual solutions tailored to your needs. Our expert team will handle everything from wiring to calibration, ensuring optimal performance and a seamless experience.

Creating an outdoor living space that combines comfort, style, and advanced audio/visual technology is an investment in your home and lifestyle. With careful planning and the right equipment, you can enjoy endless entertainment and relaxation in your personal outdoor oasis. For expert guidance and installation services, contact BC Neville Tech. Let us help you bring your dream outdoor living space to life!

Call (262) 844-1535‬ or email bryan@bcnevilletech.com BC Neville Tech for a free quote.  

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